Here are a few of my favorite tech tools that I use in my classroom that I have found to be very helpful with management and organization. I do not know what I would do without these!

Google Classroom is the perfect tool for classroom assignments, links, and posts. I absolutely LOVE it! It is pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it and the students pick it up pretty quickly once it's been modeled a few times for them.

I teach 3rd grade and use Google Classroom for our writing assignments that I want students to type, I use it for our weekly Daily 5 Choice Board, and I use it for different projects such as Google Slide assignments. I just love having all digital assignments stored in one place that is easily accessible for teachers and students. There are different options when you post assignments as well, such as adding "topics" to assignments so that they can be easily found and setting a time that you want the assignment to be live and posted.

All you will need to set up Google Classroom with your students is the class code once you create your class. When you give this code to your students, they will be able to easily log in one time and then they are good to go for the rest of the school year. Since this is a part of the Google Suite, when your students are on their device logged into their Google account, they can easily access their Google Classroom.

Seesaw is a great digital portfolio for students and their work throughout the year. Parents can also connect to it and "like" or comment on their child's work. This allows them to see what their child is working on throughout the year.
This website allows students to post photos, videos, drawings, links, and notes. Teachers can post an "activity" with directions for students to complete, post, and share with their peers, or students can just post to their student journal. 
Seesaw is a great way to teach students about digital citizenship as well! Students are learning about posting their work for their peers to see, how to respectfully comment on their peers' posts, and provide feedback for one another. My students LOVE Seesaw and having the ability to post for their peers and parents to see. It can be used for just about any subject and Seesaw even provides pre created activities for teachers to use and get ideas from.

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