My name is Shelby Mason. I am a third grade teacher who can usually be found wearing black and white, designing something, checking off my to-do list, and spending time outdoors. I live in the beautiful city of San Diego and I get to love on the little humans who fill my classroom each day. I have a background in education and visual arts, and the combination of the two makes my heart very happy. I also have an educational background in educational technology and I love incorporating tech in my classroom. I believe that we each have a purpose in life and a part of that purpose is to go out into the world and make life even more beautiful, leading with love, helping others see their passion and purpose, and creating space to invite discussion and creativity. 

I created Teacherly Way as a platform and community that encompasses the life of a teacher, the art of a teacher, and the passion of a teacher. It is a word that can describe an individual who is an educator or it can describe the way in which educators do something...in a "teacherly way." As a teacher, I wanted to create something for the teacher inside and outside of the classroom. As educators, we tend to place a lot of extra time and effort into our jobs. We take our work home with us, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We tend to push ourselves so much and sometimes end up feeling burnt out. When we do this, we not only affect ourselves, but we affect everyone around us. I am here to tell you that if you feel burnt out or tired, you are not alone. As educators, we feel a range of emotions as we sometimes fill the roles of teacher, parent, nurse, counselor, data analyst, actor, psychologist, you name it. I want you to know that you as an educator are amazing and inspiring in more ways than you may ever know and I wanted to create something that encompasses the life, art, and passion of you, the teacher.

When I created Teacherly Way, I designed it with the intention to meet teachers where they are at, focusing on the teacher as a whole individual. There are three main areas that Teacherly Way focuses in on: the classroom, the teacher, and the self. My hope is that you will be able to find something that resonates with you here, something that brings you peace and rest, something that challenges you, and something that inspires you to be a better educator and individual. You can also follow me on Instagram @teacherlyway.

Welcome to the Teacherly Way community! 

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