Friday, April 19, 2019

Color Schemes

I don't know about you, but whenever I have a blank space to design I get very excited to select the color scheme. The colors and backdrop of a room can set the mood and atmosphere of the whole space. When it comes to our classrooms, our students deserve to have a space that they feel welcomed and at home in and as teachers, our classrooms are practically our second homes, so our design should reflect a part of who we are.
There are so many colors, borders, fabrics, and designs to choose from for our classroom spaces that at times it can definitely become overwhelming. The question then becomes how do we know what colors to pick?
Before I design my classroom space, I always consider what colors and patterns I really enjoy in a space. As the teacher, my classroom is essentially my office and my second home all in one. I spend a lot of time in this space so I want to make sure I love my color scheme and patterns. For example, for my first two years of teaching I went with more of a neutral classroom color scheme and design. If you know me well, you know that I LOVE the black and white color combo. I wanted to incorporate these colors and patterns into my classroom.
Once you have an idea of the color scheme and patterns that make you smile, then you need to start considering how to make your design inspirations "kid friendly." Our students are our WHY and we have to consider how to make our color scheme desires work for our kiddos. At the time, I was teaching fifth grade and I knew that I could make this neutral color scheme work with older students. Now if I had been teaching first grade for example, I would have definitely needed to reconsider my design if I wanted a neutral palette. I would have changed my decor a bit to gear it towards a younger age group.
I chose a light gray fabric with a black border for one of my walls, a rustic wood paper roll for another wall with white bordering, and accents of black and white decor throughout my classroom space. I took my love of black and white and made it work for a fifth grade classroom.
work letter banner from @miss5th
currently news article board from @texaslonestarteacher

This year changing grade levels and moving down to third grade, I wanted to add a bit more color into my color scheme. I still did not want too much color so that the mood of the room was still calming, but I was inspired more by cool tones such as a calming blue and natural greens. Once I had my color scheme and desired patterns in mind, I thought about how to make the space ready for the kiddos and all the learning that would soon take place.

When you are considering the design for your classroom and what colors to incorporate, you must consider what makes you smile and what would work for your students. Your classroom sets the mood for the whole school year. From little details such as a fake plant to larger accents such as a lowered table with pillows for flexible seating, your design and color scheme should reflect you and be a calming, welcoming space for your students. 
Don't over think your design, simply start by considering what colors, patterns, and designs speak to you, then go from there. 
If this means taking multiple trips to a local teacher store and looking at different combinations of borders, that's okay. Trust me, we've all done it.
If this means making a board on Pinterest for inspiration, I'm right there with ya!
Start small with little accents in your classroom and go from there. 

Consider what speaks to you and consider what would appeal to your students. 
Happy designing!

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