Saturday, February 2, 2019

Organizing Your To Dos

As teachers, we have a constant list of to-dos spinning through our heads. There is no way around this. We definitely know how to stay busy if we let ourselves, but there is a way that we can prioritize our to-dos where we don't feel overwhelmed by the busyness.

When I was in my first year of teaching, I definitely just had a running list of what I needed to get done and I would feel mini victories when I crossed items off that list. Now, I use a system in which I organize my to-dos which has been such a game changer for me. My list is organized and prioritized by what needs to get done NOW versus what can wait until next week or maybe even next month!

I have designed a Teacher Notes page that can be used in your teacher binder or even a simple folder. These note pages help me to not feel overwhelmed by my to-dos, but rather simply organized and ready to tackle what needs to get done!
I have organized to-dos by:
MY to-dos,
who I need to email,
what I may need to prepare for or send to my grade level team,
and what I need to share with or send to my students' parents.

I think I speak for all teachers when I say that thoughts and to-dos pop up in our heads throughout the day and sometimes we forget what we hoped we would remember. So whenever this happens or I know I need to remember something, I open up my teacher binder to this note page and jot it down in the section that it belongs. This way when I look back, my to dos are organized and not as overwhelming like the never ending list I used to add to.

At the bottom of my Teacher Notes, I have designed a space for each teacher's specific needs. On Fridays, I have certain things that I NEED to get done before I close my classroom and welcome in the weekend. In order to make sure that I get everything completed, I typed in my end of week to-dos at the bottom of my note page at the beginning of the year. For example: Add to student planner, change out subject standards board, update class points, etc. Now of course, as the year progressed, I went back and changed what I felt would work best for me. This way on Fridays, I can turn to my Teacher Notes, make sure I have each to do accomplished at the bottom, and cross them off like I am running through a finish line. Granted, the notes above may or may not still be there waiting for me, but I decide if anything can wait until the following week or if it is an immediate must do. If it is something that can wait, I simply write it down on the next note page I have for the following week!

Staying organized and prioritizing my to-dos has been such a game changer for me as a teacher!
I hope that this Teacher Notes page, which you can find here, will bring even more organization to your routine and your classroom.

Happy organizing!
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